The Way of the Bayonet

- Jukendo -


Qualified jukendo instruction in the UK. Suitable for beginners, kendoka and other martial art practioners.


Safe, simple to learn and dynamic to practice.

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Jukendo is a Japanese martial art similar in practice and equipment to kendo. The big difference between the two arts is that jukendo uses a wooden mock rifle with attached bayonet to thrust at the opponent, whereas kendo uses a mock sword (shinai) to strike.


Jukendo Practice

Kihon geiko is the basic practice of jukendo and takes place between two practitioners working together in amour (bogu). The basic thrusts of jukendo are delivered against the heart protector of the opponent (there is also one thrust to the nodo - throat target).

A good example of this kind of practice is available here:


Kata geiko is a series of 8 pre-arranged representational patterns of techniques. The purpose is to develop proper technique, precision and understanding of timing and distance.

A good example of this kind of practice is available here:


Shiai geiko is fast and rigorous practice designed to prepare the practitioners for engaging in a full competitive match.

A good example of this kind of practice is available here:


Tankendo is the sister art to jukendo, focussing on using the dismounted bayonet. It contains stabs to the abdomen and throat, and strikes to head. Interestingly, it also includes a level of grappling aimed at pinning and unbalancing the opponent is preparation for stabbing into their abdomen.



Jukendo seminar in Poland 2018 with Terada Sensei - 8th dan

Steve demonstrating the basic jukendo thrust