The Way of the Bayonet

- Jukendo -


Qualified jukendo instruction in the UK. Suitable for beginners, kendoka and other martial art practioners.


Safe, simple to learn and dynamic to practice.

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Modern jukendo was formalised around 1955/6. Its roots go back to latter half of the 19th Century from instruction to the Japanese military by the French. Even today the European influence on jukendo can be seen, including, until recently, a stylised version of a 19th century uniform being worn for practice. However, over the course of the 20th Century the art has been developed and added to, with influence from older Japanese martial art systems and more modern ones such as kendo.

Today the martial art is controlled by the Nihon (Japan) Jukendo Renmei (Federation). The majority of people taught in Japan are in the military, where it is part of the physical education regime. Jukenkakuto is taught to the Japanese military for a more realistic applicable method of training in bayonet. This system contains a wider curriculum of techniques than jukendo and is a more realistic fighting method than jukendo; however the basic core movements are the same.

The future of jukendo is looking more and more positive, with efforts to modernise and so make the art more popular; these include efforts to include it in the Japanese school curriculum and to support its development outside of Japan. 

Brief History