The Way of the Bayonet

- Jukendo -


Qualified jukendo instruction in the UK. Suitable for beginners, kendoka and other martial art practioners.


Safe, simple to learn and dynamic to practice.

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Steve Kelsey is a 6th dan (renshi) in jukendo and 5th dan (renshi) in tankendo (dismounted bayonet). 

Steve spent 10 years in Japan where he trained at the budokan with Wakimoto Sensei and other teachers of the Jukendo Federation HQ. Steve later trained with Kobayashi Sensei in Chiba prefecture.


Steve also hold dan ranks in a number of other Japanese martial arts and presently instructs the Chinese system of hsing i and pa kua, as well as training regularly in judo.


He currently lives in Leicestershire, where he runs his own business consultancy.


He is 53 years old and has been studying martial arts for nearly 40 years.